On September 16th, 1810

A group of Mexican heroes decided not to wait longer to engage in a war for the liberty of the Mexican people, successfully consummating the Mexican independence 11 years thereafter. On this historic date, a revolt planned by the Founding Fathers of independence got underway; to honor this victory, the national beverage, tequila, took part in. Certainly, a distilled spirit made by the love of “maestros tequileros” for Mexico that conquered the exquisite taste of the Mexican people due to, the delicious treacle of blue agave where this tequila is extracted from.

Tequila Independencia 1810 is to be consumed with pleasure, that’s why it is characterized by its body and aroma delivering a rich, complex, and unique flavor as a

result of a delicate care during the distillation and fermentation process, which is distinguished by a very full, detailed revision that exceeds the standard time other brands take, successfully

achieving smoothness to your palate. Once you taste Independencia 1810, you will taste the best harvest of blue agaves from the region of the Highlands and Lowlands in Mexico.

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